Our Vision

On December 10, 2011 Tony, through the grace of God, was able to open Blue Ridge Fitness which has been going ever since. Blue Ridge Fitness not only caters to those interested in powerlifting but also focuses on sport specific training. The gymnasium’s key endeavor is to provide a family, faith facility for all to enjoy.

About Tony Greene

In 1978 at the age of 17, Tony Greene started competing in Powerlifting events; he would place third overall at that meet and compete many more times. The beginning days were hard and frustrating when he realized most athletes were using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. While Tony rigorously prepared for powerlifting meets, he was told about the WNPF, World Natural Powerlifting Federation. Committed to continuing his powerlifting career, Tony has been competing in the WNPF for the last 20 years where he has claimed 9 state titles, 5 national titles, and 4 world titles. Tony currently holds the state record for his age and weight and also the world record for his age and weight. The records may be found on the WNPF website at:www.wnpf.net.

About Blue Ridge Fitness

Blue Ridge Fitness is a family friendly, Christ centered gym for anybody. No matter what your goal is, becoming healthier, weight lifting, or cardio workout, Blue Ridge Fitness will equip you for success. High school athletes, collegiate athletes, firemen, and many more people from all walks of life are already regulars to Blue Ridge Fitness. So why not you? Join today!


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